Wild Nothing w/ Whitney @ The Casbah Recap!

Wild Nothing w/ Whitney LIVE @ The Casbah, San Diego, CA 4/20/16

In 2013 I was at Coachella checking out some of the earlier acts and one I wanted to check out was Wild Nothing. Jack Tatum from Blacksburg, Virginia started the group from his couch. When he plays LIVE he is surrounded by awesome musicians who help him create “his” world which is Wild Nothing. My first introduction to the band live was at Coachella that year which ironically was 4/20/2013 and the show we hit last night was 4/20/2016.

So it has been a solid 3 years since seeing this band. They released an EP and a brand new album since then. When they took the stage and launched into “To Know You” one of the best tracks off their new album ‘Life of Pause’ at the Casbah in San Diego the crowd dug it and they sounded great. Especially since this was their first show in a while and the first show of their new tour that will take them well into the Summer when they play the FYF Festival in LA.

Last night we saw a more mature Wild Nothing, a grown up yet very young band that makes amazing sounds and creates great energy.

Wild Nothing

A lot of the new album was played including “Alien” and “Lady Blue”, again this band had such a rich an grown up sound since 2013. Perhaps some other musical influences have crept in. And definitely so, I know when the show in 2013 took place they were still very jammy and breezy with songs like “Paradise”. That one is awesome on a hot breezy day.

The band included a tune from their first album ‘Gemini’, and that song was “Summer Holiday”, it really got the crowd moving and Jack Tatum seemed comfy. That is one great thing about Wild Nothing is they have a wide range despite their chill vibe sound. Can’t wait to watch this band evolve.

Opening up was Chicago’s very own band ‘Whitney’. They have a very distinct 70’s rock vibe but with psychedelic alternative edges. Very cool. Some of the hooks and live horns really got you. The band opened with “Dave’s Song” from their upcoming album ‘Light Upon The Lake’ due out June 3rd, this is their debut. One of their early singles they have released is “Golden Days” of which they played. The crowd dug these guys and it was hard not to, you really felt like you were in on the ground floor of something great!