US Festival 1983

My first LIVE music experience was when I was a young one, my brother took me to the US Festival and it was all over, I was a music fan for life. Especially festivals and live music have always been my favorite for music as that is what I was introduced to in my formative years. For those of you that don’t know what the US Festival was, it was a major 3 day festival in 1982 and 1983 in San Bernardino, CA.

US Festival 1983

It was basically the Woodstock of the 80’s.

The festival featured top performances by none other than David Bowie, which was of course the highlight, and at one of his peaks. “Serious Moonlight Tour”, the man is amazing live. He didn’t come on till I think 3 AM, but there I was rocking out as a youngster since 7 in the morning. Stevie Nicks, Berlin was also so awesome. Teri Nunn was in rare form during “Sex (I’m a)” it was a quintessential 80’s moment. Missing Persons playing “Words” and “Walking In LA” were such memorable highlights, U2 was phenomenal. They were on their ‘WAR’ tour and they were in great form. Bono climbed to the roof of the stage holding a white flag and waved it in the air, I remember thinking to myself, wow! these guys are so great, they sounded amazing, but never in my wildest dreams would I imagine I’d see them years later and they would be one of the biggest bands on the planet!

The Pretenders, Little Steven, Quarterflash were there. It had a theme for each day musically. One day was Heavy Metal, one Alternative, and one Modern. I remember it was very hot, probably 100 degrees in the shade. You parked miles from the event and had to walk. It was the biggest crowd I think I have ever been in still to this day, at least 100,000 people. You had people holding signs for drugs such as Heroin and it was a crazy scene.  I’m pretty sure I threw up and fell asleep between the event and the car, but it was worth it, and it was just the beginning of my life in music, and live concerts, my passion!

Those were my formative years, and thus the reason I am such a music and concert (in particular) junkie. Live Life LIVE!