Queen + Adam Lambert dazzle with an emotional epic show in Vegas!

Queen + Adam Lambert LIVE in Las Vegas- 9/5/2018- Park Theater  

Queen is one of the greatest rock bands ever to come out of the 70’s. Sadly the band lost their momentum when their fearless leader the legendary Freddie Mercury passed away in November 1991.

Freddie was one of the most iconic and amazing lead singers of any band from any period. His voice was like no other! He could hit notes that most would only dream of. There could never be another like Freddie. Was Queen dead?

Fast forward to 2004 when Queen would rev up their engines once again with the help of Bad Company lead singer Paul Rodgers. Brian May (Guitars) and Roger Taylor (Drums) the two original founding members toured with Rodgers until 2009 when the collaboration ended. But Queen had more life to give to the music world. They just needed a singer, of course nobody could replace Freddie, but there must be someone.

In 2011 a contestant from American Idol, Adam Lambert lost the top prize on the show but gained the approval and love of Brian May and Roger Taylor when they participated on the show and performed with Lambert. A friendship was struck. Lambert had an amazing voice and could hit the high notes and yet had his own style and flair.

In 2012 Queen + Adam Lambert played their first shows together as a unit and the response was overwhelming. The combo was perfect and Queen had new life once again. They have been touring ever since and more recently have set up shop at the Park Theater in Las Vegas, Nevada. The band is playing a residency at the Park Theater between September 1st and 22nd, 2018.

On September 5th, 2018 we attended this incredible new show they titled “The Crown Jewels”. Queen + Adam Lambert took to the stage and opened up with a alternate version of the most appropriate “We Will Rock You”. Adam Lambert donning a full purple sparkly outfit absolutely killed it. He is amazing! Brian May is as good as ever playing solo’s and riffs beyond belief, and Roger Taylor beats the skins so hard and fast he showed that he’s still in perfect form and health. Totally brilliant!


The band followed up the opener with another rocker “Tie Your Mother Down”, the crowd went nuts as Brian May shredded every beautiful note and Adam Lambert commanded your attention as he moved up and down the stage as a full fledged rock star.

“Somebody To Love”, “Fat Bottomed Girls” and “Killer Queen”, oh my the hits kept pouring in!

After “Don’t Stop Me Now” Adam Lambert took a moment to acknowledge the late great Freddie Mercury and the amazing fact that on this day it was his birthday! It was very emotional, there were definitely tears as the crowd sung Freddie “Happy Birthday”.

This wasn’t the only Freddie Mercury tribute! The most touching moment came mid set when Brian May took an acoustic Guitar all by himself down front and played the beautiful and sentimental “Love of My Life”.  He seemed very moved as the crowd all had their lights shining in the audience from their phones. Then Brian May turned and guided everyones attention to the large video screen above him and said in a choked up voice “Are you ready?”. Then just like magic Freddie Mercury appeared next to him on the screen and sung some verses, a holographic effect very tastefully done and such a beautiful tribute. May and Mercury for a brief moment in rock n’ roll History time were reunited to bring the chills to the crowd. It was so wonderful, really.

Adam Lambert + Queen

Adam Lambert

Lambert and the rest of the band returned and gave another legend some props as they tackled a rockin’ version of Elvis Presley’s “Heartbreak Hotel”, the room was on fire! “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” was a huge sing-a-long as the crowd was now visually emotionally invested in this show. It was quite remarkable and had a huge range of emotions. Very few shows bring a grown man to tears, but this was one of them.

“Under Pressure” was a David Bowie and Queen collaboration, well Bowie is also no longer with us sadly, but Roger Taylor took the helm and delivered the Bowie parts of the song and rather well I might add. Roger Taylor can sing for sure!

After a stunning “Who Wants To Live Forever” delivered beautifully by Lambert and highlighted by thousands of lasers overhead it was time for an epic Guitar solo from Brian May. High atop a robot hand with images and space and surreal images, May delivered a fantastic solo, proving that he is a legend in his own right.


Brain May Guitar Solo

“The Show Must Go On” was intense, highlighted by the awesome lights and rigs they had set up for this special show, and “Radio Ga Ga” was so much fun to sing and clap along to, one of their best!

But they saved the best for the end, and their signature song “Bohemian Rhapsody”, it did not disappoint. This song is one for the ages and one of the most brilliant rock songs ever. Very touching indeed.


Brain May and Roger Taylor

The band left the stage to thunderous applause, returning promptly for the traditional “We Will Rock You” with Roger Taylors drums pounding at your heart! Followed by the perfect closer for the night “We Are The Champions”, Lambert signing “No time for losers, cause we are the champions, of the world”. Indeed they were the champions, one for the ages and so great to see Queen carrying on despite the huge loss so many years ago of their beloved Freddie. Adam Lambert is such a gift to this band, and he has such a huge respect for the band and you can tell he is honored to be playing with the legendary Queen.

A match made in Heaven indeed.