My Bloody Valentine brings their melodic beautiful noise to LA!

MY BLOODY VALENTINE – LIVE at the Shrine Expo Hall 7/22/2018

My Bloody Valentine is one of those acts that can’t be described in words. Their music is a feeling and an energy unlike any other music act. Their blend of melodic noise is quite possibly the loudest concert you could ever attend, and yet by the end of one of their epic shows you feel a sense of accomplishment and peace, as if you survived the apocalypse.

On July 22nd My Bloody Valentine took over the Shrine Expo Hall in Los Angeles, California and played to a sold-out very eclectic crowd. This show was a music lovers dream. And when the venue is handing out earplugs at the door you better believe it’s gonna be loud as f*ck!

And they did not disappoint! This band goes to 11 and beyond! All the way up, all the way up!

Opening up with “I Only Said” from 1991’s masterpiece ‘Loveless’, the band sounded brilliant, even through earplugs. The tone was set and Kevin Shields (the bands brainchild) and co. were set to melt some faces and blow some eardrums.

My Bloody Valentine

The show was actually heavy on material from Loveless, which is a great thing, the second song also from it was one of the best “When You Sleep”, the see-saw sounding guitars come at you in waves, so brilliant!

After the cool breeze of “New You” from their last album ‘mbv’ the band did a new song and it sounded amazing, can’t wait to hear more new ones when and if they release them. They did one other new song for the night, which was very welcome, unfortunately the names of the two new songs are as now unknown.

They also delved into their debut album ‘Isn’t Anything’ from 1988 with bangers like “You Never Should” and “Nothing Much To Lose”, all of which were very sonic. 

One of the highlight periods of the show was a back to back ‘Loveless’ pairing of “Come In Alone” and “Only Shallow”, it was just beautiful. To some that may not know this band they might not understand the raw beauty of a band like My Bloody Valentine. It does indeed take a trained ear to appreciate, but once you are tuned in to it it’s a magnificent frequency.

Other amazing stand out songs from the night also from ‘Loveless’ was the ethereal and dreamy “To Here Knows When” and their most danceable track “Soon”, if there is such a thing. Sounded so amazing!

The show came to an amazing climax with ‘Wonder 2’ from 2013’s ‘mbv’ followed by the solid jam of “Feed Me With Your Kiss” from ‘Isn’t Anything’. But the moment everyone is waiting for is “You Made Me Realise” their oldest track dating back to 1988 and definitely the climax of the night. Halfway through the song the band goes into a solid 10 minutes of the most sonic noise you have eve heard. It’s like a 747 landing, all guitars and drums are pushed to the max, and then seamlessly the band comes back into the song and finishes. It is really spectacular and for someone that loves music and pushing the envelope you are in rock heaven!

My Bloody Valentine

No encore after that one, but everyone looks around and tries to get their senses back and almost pats each other on the back to say “Hey, we survived, and it was unbelievable”.

Some would say this sounds terrible, but I say it’s genius and the world is a better place with bands like My Bloody Valentine in it to stir things up. One for the record books indeed!