Miike Snow jams with the faithful at The OC Observatory

Miike Snow @ The Observatory in Santa Ana, CA 5/15/16

The Sold Out crowd at the OC Observatory was filled with some die hard Miike Snow fans. The energy was high. The band took the stage and opened up with their third and latest album ‘III’’s opening track “My Trigger”. It was nice to hear some of their new songs performed live like “The Heart of Me”, and “Heart is Full” which sounds way better live and you get such a great vibe as opposed to the record. In fact Miike Snow is really meant to be experienced LIVE. They totally jam and do different arrangements. In addition on this tour the band added instruments such as bass and guitar that added a lot. In fact at the end of an epic “Silvia” mid way through the set frontman and keyboardist Andrew Wyatt took front stage and grabbed an electric guitar and took the band to places I hadn’t seen them go before. Sonic stuff!

The show hit a dance party high note when they played “Genghis Khan” from the new album. The crowd went crazy and the show had officially gotten a huge boost.

Miike Snow

The show was very heavy on new songs as well as songs from their self titled debut. But they did pull out a killer version of the rolling and grooving “Paddling Out”, this was definitely a high point.

Among the other keepers that Miike Snow played from the debut record were personal favorite “Burial” and they closed out the main set with a more rare tune “Song For No One” followed by a fantastic “Black & Blue”, another great crowd favorite complete with audience sing-a-long.

Before the band returned to the stage the band took a moment to present Andrew Wyatt with a cake and audience singing “Happy Birthday” as this was his birthday show. That was a cool aspect and he seemed very happy for the love.

Andrew then waved off the cake and stated “Let’s get on with the show” as they proceeded to play “Longshot (7 Nights)” the iii album closer.

But before the band ended the awesome party they created they had a sweet parting gift, you guessed it, their anthem and most popular song “Animal”, it was a 10 min version that sounded so great and it left the devoted fans very happy as they left.

Miike Snow

Andrew Wyatt claps to the beat

It’s cool that Miike Snow are getting a little more recognition, and in California as well as they are played on KROQ 106.7 now and just played the radio stations prestigious ‘Weenie Roast Festival’ at Irvine Meadows Amphitheater. In the meantime you can see that they love making music and that what they do is quite a great musical release.

If you have never experienced Miike Snow LIVE and they come to your town be sure and check em out! They are epic!