Midge Ure comes full circle at a legendary OC Venue!

Midge Ure LIVE at the Coach House in San Juan Capistrano, CA – January 12th, 2017

On a cold and rainy southern California night in January the legendary synth-rock artist Midge Ure of 80’s ‘Ultravox’ fame took the stage at the old time venue The Coach House to a sold out crowd of die hard fans.

This was a rare sighting if there is such a thing still in music as a rare sighting. Midge even commented that he had played the Coach House 30+ years ago and it still looked the same, and then gave praise by stating “there needs to be more venues like this”.

Indeed for a ravenous Ultravox fan this was a treat to see the Scottish born Midge Ure in concert.

Midge Ure opened his set with his solo track “Dear God” and it melted the crowd and brought them to the musical place he had set for them. Playing a mix of solo and Ultravox songs early on Midge elected to play “New Europeans” by the latter. It sounded amazing as Midge and his two backup artists accompanied him.

Early on Midge slipped into his former group ‘Visage’ for a stellar version of “Fade To Grey” complete with crowd chanting.

And speaking of crowd chanting, YES!, the crowd was all over it. All of the die hard Midge Ure fans were there, dancing and singing to Ultravox songs like “The Voice”, “Vienna” and “All Stood Still”.

Midge’s voice has held up incredibly nice in 30+ years of making music, which is not easy. He wails on the guitar as well, playing some amazing solos and trading off for keyboard work and solos as well. He is a true badass of alternative music and a force to be reckoned with. Festival promoters of the modern day would do themselves and their fans a service by bringing in the undeniable talent of Midge Ure.

Closing the night with David Bowie’s “Starman” is the best indication of how amazing this show was and just how awesome of a musical artist Midge Ure is.