Lush plays career spanning make up gig at The Roxy!

Lush w/ Tamaryn @ The Roxy April 25th, 2016

The show that was supposed to be reunited UK band LUSH’s warm up gig, became their “warm down gig” as stated by the bands front woman Miki Berenyi stated mid set at the Roxy in West Hollywood on Monday night. The gig was originally slated to take place on April 14th and serve as a warm-up for Coachella Festival and a few other west coast dates, however due to Visa issues the band had a setback and didn’t make it out to California in time for the Roxy date as well as others and most upsettingly I’m sure was their Weekend 1 at Coachella being missed.

We did catch Lush at their spot at Coachella for Weekend 2 and it was awesome! Very nostalgic for someone like myself who hasn’t seen them since the early 90’s.

The Roxy gig was packed! Full house and then some. Local shoe gazer TAMARYN started off the night with their blend of psychedelic and fuzzed out guitars. A perfect opener for Lush as they remind a bit musically of a modern day take on the 90’s classic band.



But the night, and the crowd, belonged to their beloved Lush. For many they hadn’t seen this band in 20+ years and for others that missed them the first time around, this was their chance to witness the glory of the band that was very influential back in the 90’s for alternative music.

Opening up with arguably one of their best songs “De-Luxe” the guitars of Emma Anderson swirled as the band ripped into the song with a furious energy.


To complement the older classic opener the band did another older tune from their catalogue with “Breeze”, a sonic blast to the past for sure.

One of the early on highlights that the band played from their 1994 album ‘Split’ was “Lovelife”. Miki’s voice was strong on this one and the crowd really got wrapped up in this perfect tune.

Another tune off of that album where bassist Phil King shined with his hypnotic bass was “Undertow”, the band really killed it on that.

Miki dedicated classic Lush song ‘Scarlet’ to her Mom for all of her support as of late with the reunion and all. That was sweet.

Lush only played 3 songs from their album ‘Spooky’, but one of them was the glorious “For Love” in which the band shined and the crowd got moving.

The band has a new EP of which they played the lead single “Out of Control” , it really is a beautiful song, a new classic if you will, and they seemed happy to be playing new material for sure.

One of their biggest numbers by far is “Ladykillers”, and it didn’t disappoint, Miki’s raw vocals and lyrics mixed with Emma’s sonic guitar work and Phil’s crushing bass made for a high point of the show.

And what better way to end the main set but with oldie “Downer” and their classic and best “Sweetness and Light”, I think a few cried on this one, it was sweet!

For an encore the band did ‘Spooky’ opener “Stray” which was a welcome treat followed by awesome epic jam of “Desire Lines” and closed out with “Leaves Me Cold”, a raucous and loud jam to finish off the crowd.

But wait, there’s more! The band returned to the stage with some unfinished business. The band returned to the stage and dedicated the next song “Monochrome” to their original drummer Chris Acland who tragically died in 1996 which caused the break up of the band. “This one’s for Chris” Miki stated and the band who you could tell had such great feelings for him poured their hearts into the last and final number.

The band did mention that they would be returning to America in September and for LA they are playing the Fonda on the 25th of September, Don’t miss it!