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Live Music and the Importance of Supporting Artists

Bob Wood from The B3AT talks with Melissa Ladaire from Live with Livvey about concerts, live music and the importance of supporting artists. Bob is a live music expert having seen over 1000 concerts in his lifetime and writes a blog about live music. Listen to Live with Livvey every Monday at 5pm for great family entertainment ideas and fabulous guests.

Video Transcript

What I am trying to promote is getting into all kinds of music like you said some Grateful Dead, I mean I’ve seen them at least 35 times. I’ve seen a few Grateful Dead Shows, I’m not going to lie. So we are talking to Bob Wood, he is a music enthusiast and regular, almost professional concert goer as he has gone to over 1,000 concerts in his lifetime and he is a musician himself, and he has a new fan page on Facebook that you can check out. It is brand new. It’s the B3AT and the e is a 3, number three, and you are listening to Live with Livvey on KX@onelaguna. Melissa wanted me to come down and talk about some of my experiences with music and growing up in the music scene since about the year of 1983 I have been attending concerts and I was 10 years old at the time. So it have been many years over a thousand plus concerts in my life and pretty much everybody from the Rolling Stones to JayZ and anybody you can think of musically, Dr. Dre I have seen down to Oasis. I love every thing. I think for me that is kind of, a lot of people say, “I love all kinds of music”, but for me I really, really do listen to all kinds of music. I think a couple of years ago I was posting about Coachella. I go to the Coachella Music and Arts Festival every year and I was posting about that and all the different bands that I would be going to see, and it was funny because somebody was commenting, Really? You’re going to see all those different bands? Because they have a lot of different kinds of music at Coachella. And literally I am excited about every single band, and they couldn’t get over it. I’m a nerd. I call myself a nerd when it comes to music, so that is kind of where I come from. Well we are definitely really honored to have you here today because your knowledge is so immense in music and our listeners are of course young kids, but also adults and we try to bridge the generation gap between our musical tastes. Like I said, I’m into all kinds of music so I have seen Metallica, I’ve seen Alice Cooper, I’ve seen a lot of heavy metal bands too. I’ve seen Death Leopard, Motor Head. So I have seen a lot of those bands too. It’s real varied. There is no rhyme or reason. Most people have a certain type of music that they like and they don’t branch out 100% around that. They don’t branch out too much around that. Like I like pop music or I like rock music. What I really want to do with myself and what I am trying to promote, is getting into all kinds of music, spreading the love. Checking out some folk music or maybe some John Prine or Bob Dylan and then branching off into some Grateful Dead. I’ve seen them at least 35 times, at least 35 times! I’ve seen a few Grateful Dead shows. I’m not going to lie. Did you happen to catch Bobby Weir at the Golden Bear? No I haven’t seen him there, but I have seen him, Bob and Rob, Bob Weir and Rob Wasserman at the Coach House. I went to that show at the Golden Bear, it was in the mid 80s and what was really cool was that the place is tiny and we were sitting there just five fee from him and then Gerry Garcia shows up. Oh my God, I know. Now you are just making me jealous. I’ve seen them many, many times, but I’ve never, I’ve been close, but I have never met them. But I have seen some amazing shows. That could be a whole separate radio show. So I am really excited about something else too, and that is that you have decided to share your knowledge with the world, I know, and you have started a fan page. I just started a page for Facebook and also Twitter and then we are in the process of putting a website together too. We are going to have concert calendars and things like that. And that is so great because often I find out about them after. Why didn’t I know about that. I think that is really the message and the thing that I want to share with people, is to get them into new music, tell them about old music, experiences and things, old stories, but I want to talk about the new stuff, because there are so many great bands today, artists that are making music that need to be heard basically and it is really hard if you are stuck into a certain grove of music or radio station, or whatever it is that you are listen too. A lot of times on iTunes, when you purchase a certain album or song or whatever it is that you are listening to, it will give you a multiple selection of other artists that are currently similar to those artists. and I will start checking those out. That is how I find some of it another really good way is Satellite radio. I love the satellite radio for Serious XM Radio. There is Serious XMU for alternative and as well the first wave radio station which I really like, that has the older stuff. Music is music no matter who is playing it. I mean obviously you are never going to see the original Grateful Dead again but there is a Grateful Dead cover band that I love called Cubensis and the funny thing is I can go to a Cubensis show and be just as happy as being at a Grateful Dead show. Sometimes it really can be a great experience and not everybody has the opportunity to see, these artists just are not here with us anymore or the bands aren’t together or they are so expensive or you can’t get to them and some of these can be really fun. And I think especially when you have kids to try and expose them to some of these bands that you really love and connected with, it is a great opportunity. I agree, for me, music is music and it doesn’t matter who is making it, as long as it sounds good and as long as it brings some peace to your soul. As long as you are feeling the vibes. Oh dude this is awesome I’m enjoying. It really doesn’t matter if you have Jerry Garcia or who it is. There are Doors cover bands like Wild Child, and these groups, you would think you are seeing the Doors. Like I said, they sound exactly like Pink Floyd, so it is one of those things where you just can’t go wrong. It is great live music and that is what I am all about. I love live music. More than even studio recordings. I am not going to put anything down about studio recordings or albums or studio recordings because that is where the music takes form. The original conceptions. But the great thing is, live music, I think is where it is at. Live music needs to be witnessed. You need to get out there and see some shows. Check out small shows. If you can’t afford to go to some of the bigger shows. Check out small shows. For example I told Melissa before the show, my wife and I we checked out Peter Murphy down in San Diego at the Belly Up Tavern. I love that venue and Peter Murphy was $20, you couldn’t even go out and have a sandwich for $20 and your seeing Peter Murphy. He did several Bowhouse songs, and as far as I’m concerned he’s a legend musically. He is cool to see live. $20 bucks and you can still do concerts on a budget. You have to seek it out. I think that a lot of people think that if they are going to see a concert, they are going to be dropping at least a hundred dollars a ticket and that they are going to be going to some huge forum and bringing their spectacles and seeing some little tiny figure on the state. And those shows are out there. There are some big ones coming up, Fleetwood Mac is back together. They have Christine McVie with them again. To me that is a big show and one that is worth checking out. I’m not saying anything bad about the bigger main stream artists. I’ve seen Madonna in concert several times. She is a huge mainstream artist. She puts on a phenomenal show, so it is one of those things, you can’t day anything bad about the big artists. Right but, you don’t want to just only hold out for those big artists because you are missing out on so much in between and a lot of opportunities to see some wonderful music on a budget. That is what I am saying. There is so much to see. We just saw the Offspring at the Pacific Amphitheater. I think tickets might have be $30 bucks you know. You can get some really great ticket prices there sometimes. The Go Go’s are going to be playing there. Are they? Now that would be a fun band to take Olivia to see. Go Go’s would be a perfect show to take your kids to. I’m going to tell you right now because I have seen them several times, and they are great live. They are a lot of fun. I’ve obviously seen everything, but the point is that with concerts, go there, have a good time and dance, dance your booty off. Support the band and really appreciate the band, because believe it or not, this is their job and they are working really hard and people that are musicians, this is their livelihood. Like I mentioned with music, I don’t download illegally. I don’t believe in downloading music illegally. I believe that it is important to support the artist and purchase the music on iTunes or whatever it is. You buy CDs. It is so important to support the artists. Otherwise we are not going to have any more music. Right. How can kids start finding out about these cool bands that are off the beaten path, and how do they get dialed in to get to see some of these great concerts. Well, you could just go directly to my Facebook. I’m going to be honest. It’s a little self promotion here, but that is my goal right now. I don’t want to be exclusive to California. I want to branch out, and I want to tell people, don’t be afraid. Maybe experience some shows over seas. Back when I was young, I did travel around Europe. I back packed, and I saw the Cure in Germany, saw Smashing Pumpkins in Hamberg Germany. Back when they were starting out. There is great music all around the world. I am really happy you had me come down for this. This is so cool. I really had a good time. Thank you so much. It is amazing, and I’m sure our listeners learned a lot. I hope so. Honestly, you and I could have talked here for another four hours. I know we could. So I hope that you will definitely come back. Oh absolutely. Ok. Just tell me anytime and I will come on down. OK great awesome. So you guys, make sure that you check out Bob’s new fan page at The B3AT, with the E as a 3 instead of an E and he will have his website up soon at and also on Twitter.