The legendary David Gilmour : Forum in LA Recap 3/27/16

David Gilmour @ The Forum, Inglewood, CA 3/27/2016

The legendary David Gilmour of Pink Floyd made a rare appearance in LA at the end of March. It’s been many years since he’d played solo in LA and 1994 was the last tour and time Pink Floyd played LA.

It’s truly an honor to go to one of his shows, the man is a true music genius and you can tell from interviews I have witnessed him in, he oozes music, it’s in his every breath. This is his legacy.

It was Easter Sunday and David Gilmour took the stage at the fabulous Forum in Inglewood, CA.

Opening with “5 A.M.” followed by “Rattle That Lock” the two opening tracks on his latest solo album of the same name. The next track was another new one “Faces of Stone”, it’s amazing to me how David’s music can go in so many directions and this is one of them, it has a real nostalgic feel to it, yet sounds almost like a new Pink Floyd classic.

David Gilmour

Next up David hit one of the biggest Floyd songs of all time “Wish You Were Here”. It sounded absolutely brilliant and his voice and guitar was in perfect form. Not to mention he also has Phil Manzanera (Roxy Music, Pink Floyd) also on Guitar.

To wash it down we were treated to “What Do You Want From Me” another later Floyd work from their ‘Division Bell’ album. It sounded fresh and let the audience sink into their seats even further.

I’d actually say that 65% of this show was Pink Floyd songs, and that was what the fans wanted. The amazing thing is, for an artist like David Gilmour he excels at all music he records and performs. Songs off his solo records such as “The Blue” and “Today” have traces of his former life with Floyd, yet is his alone and translates really well LIVE.

In the first set the crowd was treated to other Pink Floyd hits such as “Money” followed by a killer version of “Us & Them”. The first set ended with the ‘Division Bell’ closer “High Hopes” which is such an awesome anthem! David swings his guitar over his back towards the end of the song and takes his place at his steel slide guitar and just absolutely wails!! Awesome!

The second set was very extraordinary, It kicked off with one of the oldest Floyd tunes “Astronomy Domine” and melted straight into “Shine On You Crazy Diamond”, one of their more epic yet mellow and anthemic jams. It was beautiful.

They did an older Floyd tune “Fat Old Sun” which really built up be the end and David’s guitar and vocals really shined.

Another track off ‘Division Bell’ surfaced in the show with “Coming Back To Life”, David’s guitar swooned and swung as he tore through this one.

Next David announced they were going to do something very different, and in fact it is, but it’s brilliant. It’s the track “The Girl in the Yellow Dress” from ‘Rattle That Lock’ and it’s a total and complete time warp of a little jazz number that puts you in some little club after hours. Very cool how his music can transport you such as this number.

For the end of the second set David went back to post-Roger Waters Floyd album ‘Momentary Lapse of Reason’ and chose the darker and deeper cut of “Sorrow” to dig into and it was sonic and amazing, he nailed it.

David Gilmour

Things got even deeper as he closed the main set with Pink Floyd’s The Wall version of “Run Like Hell”, the lights and effects on this one were especially superb! Amazing!

But what should he do for an encore? What else!!?? The crowd was treated to Pink Floyd’s ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ and the song “Time” one of the greatest tracks.

How do you end a show of this magnitude you ask? There is only one way, “Comfortably Numb” from The Wall.

And it was epic! Not quite as epic when I saw Pink Floyd at the Rose Bowl and the giant disco ball came out of the floor and spun trapping everyone in that moment in time, but a close awesome 2nd!

All in all it was so great to see this legend, David Gilmour in our neck of the woods, let’s hope he doesn’t wait too long to return!