The Kills w/ The Big Pink take over the Observatory in OC!

When it was announced that THE KILLS would be playing a special show in between their two appearances at Coachella, we had to go! Sure we could catch them at Coachella, but to see them at the intimate venue of the OC Observatory was a big plus, and not to mention one of the Coachella alumni who we had seen twice there, but weren’t playing this year, were opening for the band and that band is the UK’s THE BIG PINK.

The show was sold out, but the crowd felt mellow and light. It was a Tuesday night, and a lot of the crowd probably had been at Coachella the weekend before and perhaps were gearing up for this weekend as well.

The Big Pink took the stage and launched into “Velvet” by far the best track from their 2009 debut album ‘A Brief History Of Love’. The sonic edged guitars and vocals from Big Pink mainstay artist┬áRobertson “Robbie” Furze. The band has two albums under their belt and a brand new EP titled ‘Empire Underground’, some of the best moments in their set actually came from this EP and shined brighter than some others such as “Hightimes”, “Decoy” and “Beautiful Criminal”, the newest member and replacement for founding member Milo Cordell is female artist Mary Charteris. Her vocals, presence and work with the band really fleshed out their evolving sound. The Big Pink closed with “Dominoes” from their debut record and the crowd seemed to respond and dig these guys. They are so great, if you have a chance to see them live don’t miss out!

Did we mention THE KILLS were in the house?? Oh yeah, anytime you can catch the music genius of Alison Mosshart and Jamie Hince you are in for a treat. The rock n’ roll fuzz outfit opened with their 2004 flashback to “No Wow”, it was stylish, sexy and brought the crowd to a frenzy. They followed that up with one of their biggest tunes “U.R.A. Fever”, Jamie’s staccato electric guitar licks with Alison Mossharts shaking hips brought the magic that only The Kills can bring.

The Kills at The Observatory

The Kills have somewhat of a minimalistic sound in theory, but it is so much bigger live. They have an extra guitarist and a live drummer to fill out their sound. Speaking of drums the band ripped through a killer version of “Heart is a Beating Drum” from their very successful ‘Blood Pressures’ album from 2011.

“Kissy Kissy” and “Hard Habit To Break” found Mosshart strapped on with an electric guitar and leant even more awesome noise to the mix. The band played new material from their upcoming new album ‘Ash and Ice’, including “Heart of a Dog” and their current hit “Doing It To Death”. Their sound really seems to evolve as the years go on and that is one cool thing about this band is their ability to adapt.


The Kills are on the road, don’t miss them, they play Coachella this weekend and aside from that if they come to a town near you do yourself a favor and check out the energy that is The Kills.