Iggy Pop plays phenomenal show at The Greek in LA!

Iggy Pop @ The Greek Theater in LA – April 28th, 2016

The Sold-Out crowd at the Greek was a bit mellow at the start of the evening. It was hard at first to pick up a vibe or pulse of the crowd that had gathered to see Iggy Pop, one of rock royalty’s last of the mohicans.

After all, Iggy Pop is a longtime collaborator of the likes of Lou Reed and David Bowie. Pop is the living Godfather of punk and art rock.

Seeing him last night almost felt like watching a living art exhibit, it was totally amazing and one of the best shows I can say I have ever been to. And I have seen Bowie, The Stones, etc and many of the best. But last night Iggy Pop put on a show for the ages in LA.

Iggy definitely wrestled with a lot of themes throughout the night, good and evil, life and death, there were some heavy overtones. But he wore it well, or rather it mjght have been what he wasn’t wearing. Pop entered the stage with a suit coat minus the shirt as he and the band led by Josh Homme (Queens of the Stone Age, Eagles of Death Metal, Them Crooked Vultures) into “Lust For Life” a classic Iggy Pop song indeed. Iggy flipped and flailed about as Homme’s guitar swirled and rocked to the classic song.

Iggy Pop

First of let’s recognize that Iggy Pop definitely went with the right band to flesh out his songs from albums like “The Idiot”, “Lust For Life” and his latest co-writen with Homme “Post Pop Depression”. These guys are all pros and you could just tell they were honored to be playing with the legendary Iggy Pop.

The band is also made up Dean Fertita on Keys and Guitar, (QOTSA, The Dead Weather) and Arctic Monkeys drummer Matt Helders, both of who contributed to the album’s recording. The touring lineup also includes QOTSA’s Troy Van Leeuwen (guitar) and Chavez’s Matt Sweeney (bass).

Iggy Pop

To say this show was absolutely sick is an understatement. Iggy Pop killed it and sent a message to the next generation of rock bands…step it up! There aren’t too many Iggy Pop’s around anymore and the new generation needs some heroes.

Iggy did almost all of the new album which was awesome as it is a brilliant piece of music, definitely his best album in a decade or so. Songs like “American Valhalla” and “Gardenia” really translated well.

One section of the show was when Iggy did two songs from ‘The Idiot’ back to back “Mass Production” and “Nightclubbing”, thanks to some minimalistic but awesome lighting and effects that really just allowed the music and Iggy himself to be the focal point these two tunes were heavy and awesome.

The main set closed with a great version of “The Passenger” followed by “China Girl” which Iggy went down into the crowd and got up close and personal with the fans.

Iggy Pop left the stage and Josh Homme and the boys still played for three minutes or so to jam it out.

Iggy Pop and his phenomenal band returned for a 7 song encore kicked off by “Break Into Your Heart” and closed out by 1977’s “Success”. And indeed he was a success, and is a success, and on this night there was nothing more important musically happening or maybe for a while.

This was the show, a living legend and one great history lesson in rock music!