Grouplove & Portugal The Man @ The Greek Theater LA – Review


I have been fan of Grouplove and Portugal The Man for some time now

The first time I saw Portugal The Man was at Coachella in 2010. They were good back then,but flash forward four years and several GREAT albums and WOW!”


I first got into the band  with their first album “Never Trust a Happy Song” in 2011 and saw them for the first time at their legendary first Coachella fest appearance. Add one more album, “Spreading Rumours”, one more awesome Coachella performance and BINGO, they are headlining the Greek Theater and this wasn’t a little show

You had Tokyo Police Club opening, which are a great band in their own right.
But the tour was sponsored by Honda. I was at first like “Honda Civic Tour, what??”, but after the show I kind of realized that the bands hand not sold out but rather had used the resource of the money to put on an amazing concert for the fans. Complete with stunning visuals and lighting. Everything down to Pink Floyd like lasers.
Speaking of Pink Floyd, when Portugal. The Man took the stage, to kick off their set they did a full blown awesome intro of “Another Brick In The Wall 2” which led into one of my favorite songs off the new album (Evil Friends) “Purple Yellow Red and Blue”. They were in perfect form, and with the amazing visuals and light show their music came to life in an incredible way. One of the highlight song combos for me was when they played Dayman / So American / People Say / Everything You See / Don’t Look Back in Anger (Oasis Cover). They were jamming so hard on those and really nailed it! For their last song combo they did two off Evil Friends that I love “Creep In a T-shirt” into “Someday Believers”.

Bravo boys, you killed it, and I am confident that this is just the beginning for you. Loved it!


Grouplove took the stage and the crowd went nuts! They have some amazing fans!

I love their energy and fun style. If you have never seen them live, you have to. They are one of the best live bands. They opened with “I’m With You” of their latest (Spreading Rumours). The lighting and visuals again for the band were stunning it really added to the already great performance. Right out of the opener we were straight into one of my favorite hand clapping foot stomping songs “Itchin On a Photograph”, so much fun. The band was loving this as this was their biggest show to date in their hometown of Los Angeles. One of my personal favorites from “Never Trust a Happy Song” is still ‘Tongue Tied’, and they killed it, so great, complete with segue into ‘Drunk In Love’ by Beyonce. The next moment was what really got me and gave ultimate respect to Grouplove when they dedicated ‘Slow’ to the amazing Robin Williams who we lost this week. Very cool, and a chilling moment. After the tears dried we jammed to ‘Bordelines and Aliens’ with what visually looked like a 3D color scheme on stage. Closing out the set was the ever awesome ‘Colours’.



For an encore both Portugal. The Man and Grouplove took the stage and jammed out to The Who’s “Baba O’Reilly”. Such a jam, the kids are alright, and these guys are all on their way!

Great night, great show, history in LA!