My experiences with the Purple One, PRINCE! RIP

My Time on Earth with the purple one known as Prince! (A Live concert memory).

In 1985 my Dad splurged on tickets for my Brother and his girlfriend and I to see Prince & the Revolution at the Long Beach Arena in California March 10th, 1985.

Of course Prince brought the other hero’s of the ‘Purple Rain’ movie that I admired so much, that being Morris Day and the Time and Sheila E. THIS was a legendary concert and you felt it as you were there! I was 12 years old, and since then I have been to hundreds of concerts, but NONE was as epic as this show!

As the lights went out at the Long Beach Arena all we heard was an organ and Prince “Dearly Beloved…” The opening of “Lets Go Crazy” from Purple Rain. Prince appeared at stage left, then a few seconds into the Eulogy Prince appeared at stage right, the next thing you knew the REAL Prince came out of center stage and Prince & the Revolution ripped it up with the Purple Rain anthem.

Prince still played other hits including “Delirious” and “1999” as well as “Little Red Corvette”. Prince exuded cool, he was the man, he swirled and twirled with his guitar and without and even got in a bathtub on stage with fake purple water washing over him for “Computer Blue”.

What does Prince do for an encore on the Purple Rain tour?? what else “I Would Die 4 U” and “Baby I’m A Star”. This was truly awesome! And for a second encore it took a very long time before the purple rock god returned for his epic version of “Purple Rain”.

25 years later a buddy and I were attending the Coachella Festival in Indio in 2008.

As we were standing there waiting for Prince to take the stage in his headline slot, I turned to a young girl next to me and told her how long it had been since I had seen Prince and how excited I was! She looked at me like I had 3 heads letting me realize I may have experienced a lot musically over the years and not everybody understands why old guys like myself still go to concerts as well as festivals like Coachella.

THIS is the reason, performances and music such as artists like Prince is why, they are the legends I seek out and live for!