The Cure plays career spanning LIVE sets on the West Coast!

The Cure has been making music for well over 30 years and thanks to founding member and brainchild Robert Smith they don’t show any signs of slowing down.

2016 is shaping up to be a huge year for the goth rockers and with a huge world tour that started in New Orleans and is moving through the US with the fans getting blown away with the band breaking out songs they haven’t played in decades, it’s a great time to check out the band that has a stellar line up at the moment and is playing some songs that you may have never heard them play live before.

The Cure scheduled a stop at the Chelsea in Las Vegas located inside the Cosmopolitan Hotel on the strip. They have only played in Las Vegas 4 times since the 90’s and it has been 7 years since they last played there. The ultra sold out show was a sea of die hard fans that have been looking forward to see the band for some for their first time and a rare occurrence in those parts.

Well as the lights went out and the sound of the chimes that open the ‘Disintegration’ album of “Plainsong” started a minute or so before the band came on, the crowd was ecstatic as Robert Smith and the Cure took the stage and beautifully joined the chimes and lead the crowd into a state of wonderment with the amazing version of that song. It was followed by two more from that album, and in order, “Pictures of You” and “Closedown”, suddenly one would think, “OMG they are playing all of Disintegration!” which would be awesome, but the band switched it up and  lead the crowd into the romantic and haunting “A Night Like This” from 1985’s ‘A Head On The Door’. The band did however do quite a few from ‘Disintegration’ on this night including “Lullaby” and “Lovesong” as well as the main set closing with the title track of “Disintegration”.

The Cure at The Chelsea

The Cure at The Chelsea, Las Vegas, NV

This night was not what you would expect from the Cure. They threw in some real gems that are more rare, including a great version of “The Caterpillar” early on which left the fans wanting more.

Robert Smith seemed happier and more fit than we have seen him in years, dancing the way he is known to more than usual on songs like “Hot! Hot! Hot!”, “The Walk” and “In Between Days”.

Another beautiful moment came when Keyboardist Roger O’Donnell lead the group into the song “Trust” from 1992’s ‘Wish’ album. It is a somber yet beautiful song and a more rare bold choice. Sounded amazing! Definitely a highlight!

Another gem was when the band jumped into “The Perfect Girl” full force, a very rare song indeed. It was perfection and the band was loving the affection from the crowd.

Another gem the band played for only the second time since 1985 was “Screw” from ‘A Head On The Door’. The song itself is not one of their more well known songs, which made it extra special and had some of the casual listeners really scratching their heads. It made for an awesome set gem however thanks to Simon Gallops deep and groovy bass lines.

Later in the set the band again did not disappoint the true fans by playing a B-Side track from the 80’s with “2 Late”, the guitar work from veteran guitarist Reeves Gabrels was perfect. Reeves is newer as far as playing with The Cure, however he is an absolute monster on the guitar. We saw him in the 90’s when he was in Tin Machine with the late great David Bowie and have been a fan ever since. He also shined on “Shake Dog Shake” towards the end of the main set which absolutely killed!

Robert Smith, front and center at the Chelsea

Robert Smith, front and center at the Chelsea

After a 20 song main set you are feeling good and like hoping they will play a few more songs, right? Well not at a Cure show! They played three more sets of encores that totaled 12 songs.

It started off with the new song “Step Into The Light” and also featured Jason Coopers awesome tribal drums leading into “Burn” from the Crow soundtrack.

Other highlights from the 12 encores were an especially amazing version of “The Lovecats” as well as crowd favorites “Close To Me” and an extra sexy “Let’s Go To Bed”.

The night wrapped up with the boys playing a extended jam of “A Forest” compliments of Simon’s amazing bass line and the ultimate final song, what else, “Boys Don’t Cry”. The band had come full circle and treated the crowd in Las Vegas to a show for the ages. It may have been 7 years but they very well made it up to the people that were fortunate enough to be in their presence.

Cut to three nights later and we headed to the Hollywood Bowl for another Cure experience. They have been really mixing up their sets, so we wanted to see how LA compared to Vegas.

The show for the first 4 songs was identical to Vegas, complete with an amazing “Plainsong” opening. The main difference for the first part of the Hollywood Bowl show was it was still daylight when they came out. The Bowl was beyond sold-out, and the fans were ready for this amazing band The Cure to make dreams a reality.

The Cure

The Cure at The Hollywood Bowl

Many of the songs that were played at The Chelsea were also played at the Bowl, just some were in different spots. One early on difference was the band played “Last Dance” from ‘Disintegration’ and it sounded great. Another track from that album that was missing from Vegas was “Fascination Street”, Simon Gallops bass line infected the crowds ears as Robert Smith crooned, “And let’s move to the beat like we know that it’s over”, total goth perfection!

One block of songs late in the set were a really bright and beautiful version of “Just Like Heaven”, as well as “Trust”, followed by an extended and darker “Want”. The next song was “One Hundred Years” the opener on 1982’s haunting album ‘Pornography’. Between the two shows this was sadly the only song from that album, but it was every bit of amazing and dark.

Robert Smith and Reeves Gabrels at the Bowl

Robert Smith and Reeves Gabrels at the Bowl (The Cure)

Closing out the main set again was “Disintegration” and it really left the crowd wanting more.

The Cure started out their monstrous 15 song encore sets with their new instant classic song “It Can Never Be The Same”, it is a great live song and definitely has an old school Cure vibe.

The washed it down with more wonderfulness of their epic masterpiece “A Forest”.

The Cure at The Bowl

The Cure at The Bowl

When the band came back for the second set of encores Robert Smith announced they wanted to play some more rock tunes. And nothing rocks harder than “Shake Dog Shake”. They followed it with another deep cut “Piggy In The Mirror” from ‘The Top’. It was perfectly playful and yet had heavy overtones.

The classic deep cuts continued when Robert announced they were going to play another tune they don’t normally play, and sure enough they played an amazing version of 1987’s “All I Want” from ‘Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me’.

The block finished out with a stellar “Give Me It”, complete with pulsating lights and swirling guitars.

For the rest of the encores the crowd really came to life on songs like “Never Enough” and “Wrong Number”. But the real dance party was saved for “Close To Me”, “Why Can’t I Be You?” and the evenings emotional and wonderful version of where it all started “Boys Don’t Cry”.

The Cure

The Cure at The Hollywood Bowl

This band has been playing for nearly 40 years and they never cease to amaze me. Sure Robert Smith is the original constant member, but the rest of the members that have graced the stage with him over the years are to be commended. This is a monster of a band that always delivers. When you go to see your favorite band and they play 32 songs and over 2 hours and 45 min, you know they love you and want to thank the fans. The love is mutual, and this band will always be a personal favorite if not THE favorite. They are pure magic! The great thing about all the cure shows I have seen over the years is every single one is different and you take away something different from each, but one thing that is a sure thing is the perfection and amazing value of hearing and seeing a band such as The Cure, they are pure concert bliss.