Coachella 2013 – Weekend 2 – A Look Back

This years Coachella was so awesome as usual!

It had a lot of unique qualities and changes this year.

For one the festival ran very smooth, more than usual it seemed. I love how Paul Tollett and everyone at Goldenvoice works so hard to improve it every year! Even the Coachella app for the phone was so awesome. The Sahara tent was 10X greater! The visuals were amazing this year! Great job!

I’m gonna do a bit of a play by play from Friday-Sunday so here goes…
My buddy Mike and his girlfriend Sara drove out on Thursday to the desert and stayed at the condo we usually rent for the event.
Caroline had to work Friday, so she drove out Friday night.

Day 1 – Friday April 19,2013

Mike and Sara were going to get to the festival around 4:30 and there were too many acts I wanted to see early on this year, so Mike was so nice to drop me off at the festival at 11 am. I walked a mile into the campgrounds and found my other Coachella buddies who I also work with, Kevin and Chris. It was Chris’ first time at Chella and he was so stoked and having an awesome time! I’d been to two Chellas with Kevin before. They were camping and they showed me their set up and it was sweet!
The three of us headed into the festival at 12:15 to catch our first act IO Echo in the Gobi tent. They were great and sounded really good. Perfect first act of the weekend! From there we walked next door and saw Lord Huron at Mojave! So great and I loved their sound live.
Next up was The Neighbourhood on the Outdoor stage! These guys jammed! Kinda sounded like a really new and good version of sublime. Really dug it. KO and Chris loved these guys! KO and Chris were gonna move on to another act and I was gonna check out some acts on my own. I went solo into the Gobi tent for a bit of The Shouting Matches (Justin Vernon of Bon Ivers side project). It was great! They sounded really good. Very blues rock. Total jam!
But my mission at this time was to check out one of my favorite new artists Youth Lagoon back at the Mojave tent. They didn’t disappoint. Like a dreamy version of MGMT they melted faces. Sounded amazing and was one of my fav’s all weekend.
I was dying to dance a little. Mike and I usually are hanging out at Sahara early in the day dancing but I was solo at the time. So I headed to the Sahara electronic tent and it was going off to the sounds of Thomas Gold. The crowd dug him and he sounded amazing. He even did some Miike Snow remixed in there and it sounded dope! I danced as the art snail moved through the crowd! I wanted to see UK phenom Jake Bugg rock out over at Mojave and so I headed over. He is so great and will be up and coming. Very talented and I love his style and music. Like a young British Johnny Cash/Bright Eyes. Very good!

I met back up with KO and Chris and we went to see the band Stars at the main stage. They were amazing. Really dig them! They reminded me so much of when we saw Broken Social Scene at main stage a few years back. Felt like the same time slot and everything. Trippy! The played my favorite song ‘Take me to the Riot’. I only wish Caroline was there for this one as she really wanted to see them!

Mike and Sara arrived and we headed to see the legendary Smiths guitarist Johnny Marr at the Mojave tent work his solo magic. I must say this was a very pleasant surprise. Don’t get me wrong. I love Johnny Marr. But I never thought I’d like hearing him do Smiths covers. But it worked! I fully respected him for this. And How Soon Is Now sounded amazing!! Next up we headed to Gobi for Japandroids. These guys just plain rock!! Two man band. Guitar, vocals and drums. Enough said! Sonic!

We headed for the outdoor stage where the art snail was camped out in front of the stage for a new and great band that I have been waiting a year to see Of Monsters and Men from Iceland. I love this band! They opened with Dirty Paws and the set was amazing! We saw the whole set and they were so great.

Coachella Snail
Sunset was coming and what better way to spend it than rocking out the the UK quartet Palma Violets @ Mojave tent. Man this set was a scorcher!! Sooo awesome. They are one of my new fav’s. gonna go far. I can see why they are huge in UK. The fans loved them as well! The sun had set on day 1 and we made our way to the main stage for some Modest Mouse. I’ve never seen them and they sounded so cool. Great to finally see them. There was a conflict however as one of yay favorite new artists Beach House were coming on the Outdoor stage. We headed over and we were so glad we did. Beach House sounded incredible! I love them!

Back to the main stage for the stunning performance from Yeah Yeah Yeahs complete with gospel choir! What a set! They jam so hard! Mike and I saw them main stage in 2009 as well. Great live band. And Karen O is such a rock star! Lady Gaga can only dream of being this awesome. They closed their set with Heads will Roll and it was a show stopper! Phenomenal! We caught our breath and headed to Outdoor stage for an amazing set from Band of Horses! What a great band and they played all my fav’s. The Funeral, Is There a Ghost? And No Ones Gonna Love You

Really great!!

Back to the main stage for my first and probably only performance from the legendary Stone Roses!! Oh wow! This was the set of the day! I love these guys and have since the late 80’s! What a treat! They all hugged each other at the end it was really sweet. Very awesome rock history moment for me. We went and saw Foals at Gobi. They had a huge crowd! And sounded great. One of my new fav bands as well. Next time main stage for them for sure. We headed next door for BassNectar and he sounded soooo good! Great visuals as well!

To close the night we watched all of Tegan and Sara on the outdoor stage. I was impressed at how much more confident they are as love performers. Mike and I saw them main stage in 2008 and they were like two giddy school girls who were put on main stage with a mic. They have matured as humans and musicians. Great set! When we got back to the condo at 2 in the morning I was so delighted to see my lovely wife Caroline had made it. Day 2 was gonna be awesome!
On Saturday Day 2 Coachella Mike and Sara were gonna get there later. I had a lot of acts to catch early on and Caroline was excited to get there as well so we headed over and got there at noon

Day 2 – Saturday Day 2 April 20 , 2013

Our first act was Guards @ Gobi tent. This is new band I discovered through doing research for Chella. I love this band! These guys rock live!We met up with KO and Chris and headed to Mojave tent to see Wild Nothing! Love these guys. They sounded amazing! Kind of a little New Order/M83 vibe. Very cool. Breezy set. KO and Chris took off and Caroline and I stayed and watched Savages. Man! I absolutely dug this band! Totally channelling Siouxsie and the Banshees! The lead singer is so intense and fun. She had such a great rock star vibe about her. I would see this band again in a heartbeat. One of my fav’s all weekend!
Caroline and I headed out for some fun in the sun at main stage for Dropkick Murphy’s. They were fun and Shipping Up to Boston was great. Especially after the events earlier in the week at the Boston Marathon. After Dropkicks Caroline and I grabbed some water and headed down to the pit at main stage for classic act Violent Femmes. I haven’t seen them since the 80’s but they are one of my all time fav’s. they were nothing short of incredible. When they walked out they announced they were gonna play their entire first album. Then proceeded to tear into Blister in the Sun! How appropriate! One of the best of the weekend for sure!What better way to keep dancing then to follow up the Femmes in the Sahara tent dancing to Bingo Players! We met up with Mike and Sara  and it was a great dance set! Things were cooling down so we headed for outdoor stage for Portugal.the Man. I love these guys. Mike and I saw them a few years back when they played Chella. They are a great live band. They played a lot of my fav’s too. So American. People Say. We’re the highlights

The sun set during their set and it was time for a little Hot Chip. They sounded great as always! One of the best live bands around in my opinion.We went to Mojave for a jammed pack house set from Grizzly Bear. This band is so dope! I need to go to a Grizzly Bear show again. Very cool!Caroline and I split off for a bit and went and watched The Postal Service on main stage. Very nostalgic as well and sounded good but we wanted to dance so we headed over for some Simian Mobile Disco at Mojave who we saw on the cruise as well. We love them! Then next door for Moby DJ set. We were very close to the stage and it sounded amazing!
We left Moby early as I wanted to catch some Franz Ferdinand and I’m so glad we did. These guys are such an awesome live band. Such pros! They have amazing presence and confidence when they play. A true festival band!
The opened with Michael. I was laughing cause it was like they were calling my friend Mike to come jam with them. We met back up with Mike and Sara for the last act of the day for Caroline and I and that was one of my all time favorite bands New Order.
Oh man this was so amazing! I haven’t seen them since 1999 and this was a real treat! They played everything I’d want to hear including amazing versions of Ceremony and Temptation. As well as two Joy Division encores Atmosphere and Love Will Tear Us Apart.I wore my Joy Division shirt this day and all day and night I had so many compliments on it 🙂
Day 2 was over…we had one more day and it was gonna be epic

Sunday day 3 April 21, 2013

Caroline and I got there in time for DIIV at the Mojave tent with KO and Chris. Then we hit up Sahara for some dancin with Dirtyphonics! Awesome!

The sonic fuzz guitars of JEFF the Brotherhood another one of my new fav’s sounded great on outdoor stage! We headed for some shade in the Gobi tent for a scorching set from Thee Oh Sees! Great great live band. We really dug them!
Mike and Sara found us towards the end of this set and we went and saw Kurt Vile & the Violators on outdoor stage. Really sounded great! He played my two fav’s by him first too which I thought was cool. He opened with Waking on a pretty day. Followed by Jesus Fever. So awesome!
Next we headed back to Gobi for Grimes. She is so amazing live. Love love love her! We saw her on the cruise too. She is up and coming and will be huge one day!Next up was the sonic sounds of old time greats Dinosaur Jr. Love this band and so great to see them! Sounded amazing! Caroline and I peeled off for a bit of Tanlines before Social Distortion on the main stage! Social D was soooo great! Classic stuff! Mommy a little monster was my fav!
After Social D Caroline and I went down close for Vampire Weekend and we were so glad we did. They are getting better and better. Seen them 3 times at Chella now and each time they get better. The new tunes are so great too. Especially the song ‘Step’ great stuff! One of the best sets of the weekend

Pretty Lights had to have had one of the biggest crowds all weekend on the outdoor stage. And he sounded great!!Caroline and I headed to The Faint for two of my favorite songs by them Desperate Guys and Glass Danse
Our last full great set of the day and weekend was OMD on Gobi stage Wowed!!! Never seen them live! Loved them since the early 80’s and this was such a treat! They opened with Enola Gay followed by Tesla Girls. If You Leave was my favorite as well as Eletricity finale!
We caught a bit of WU Tang Clan and threw up our W’s before we had to bid adieu to Coachella 2013!

What a great experience so lucky and blessed to have been able to go!

Cheers!  Until next year!