Camper Van Beethoven at Saint Rocke Review

Camper Van Beethoven Review

I saw that my longtime favorite’s Camper Van Beethoven were playing in Hermosa Beach at the Saint Rocke so I got a ticket and headed up there just in time for Camper. I am a huge fan of them as well as David Lowery and his other band Cracker. The show was so great, I arrived and got a great spot at the back of the room and made friends with some locals from Carson. Super cool cats, we exchanged buying drinks for each other by the end of the night, great crowd, good people.

The band composed of all original Camper Van Beethoven members took the stage and ripped into the lead track from the new album “It Was Like That When We Got Here”. They were in perfect form and sounded amazing. The next set of songs was comprised of songs from “Our Beloved Revolutionary Sweetheart”, which is my favorite by them. Eye of Fatima Pt’s 1 and 2” were super amazing!

The show was all Camper songs and no Cracker, but it was so great to see all original band members together again making sweet beautiful music. Jonathan Segal’s electric fiddle really adds to their already amazing songs. The show came to an awesome climax when they tore into an insane version of “Take The Skinheads Bowling”. Crowd went nuts.

After the show I got to talk with Jonathan and the rest of the band which was an extra treat. Not to mention as I was walking out I ran into David Lowery in the hallway and I said “David!!”, he turned and I said “Great show!”shook his hand, and he thanked me and smiled. Love that guy!


Love Camper Van Beethoven. So happy to see them back together.


When they come to a town near you, don’t miss them. Straight awesome organic sounds to sooth your soul.