The Breeders play epic set at The Observatory in OC!

The Breeders are a cult classic alternative rock band of sorts that made most of their waves in the 90’s with their classic album ‘Last Splash’. Always known as Kim Deal of the Pixies side project with her sister Kelley Deal, it is now Kim’s main rock band as she no longer plays with the Pixies.

Kim Deal has always had such a great rock persona, she played Bass for the Pixies and sung backup and lead on a few, but she’s always had a great presence and the love of her fans. Some even feel the Pixies are not the same without her.

But when the now reformed Breeders who just reunited once again with classic ‘Last Splash’ line up members for a new album titled ‘All Nerve’ and a tour to boot, we all got very excited. And rightfully so, this band is one for the ages and definitely a rare sighting at any venue. Last time I saw the Breeders was 10 years ago at Coachella, and they sounded amazing. This line up which includes Kim and Kelley Deal (Vocals and Guitar) alongside¬†Jim Macpherson (Drums) and¬†Josephine Wiggs (Bass).

The Breeders have had five studio albums over a period of 28 years and even opened for Nirvana on their ‘In Utero’ album tour in the early 90’s. They are hailed and respected and put on a great show.

Recently the classic band came to The Observatory in OC on April 7th, 2018. They played a career spanning set of twenty-five songs and it was Glorious.

Opening with the first track “Nervous Mary” on the new album ‘All Nerve’ it was a juggernaut of sound and noise that followed in perfect Breeders form. Followed by another great new track “Wait In The Car” and the title track “All Nerve”. Once the crowd was warmed up with the new jams, the band retreated to their 1993 Classic album ‘Last Splash’ for the bumping song “No Aloha”, a song that starts off like a drunken surf party and ends with a sonic jam the crowd can jump along to.

The set was full of gems including an electric violin added for the song “Driving on 9” also a ‘Last Splash’ favorite. And of course no Breeders show would be complete without an insane version of their biggest hit “Cannonball”. Other great additions to the setlist is their cover of The Beatles “Happiness Is A Warm Gun” which they also pay homage to on their debut album ‘Pod’ from 1990. They even did a great cover of the Guided by Voices song “Shocker In Gloomtown”.

Kim Deal really shined vocally on songs like “Blues at the Acropolis” the closing track off their latest and of course on the Pixies cover of “Gigantic” that closed the main set.

The band seemed like they were having fun and the crowd was very stoked to be there as they returned to the stage to play “New Year” which had the crowd buzzing hard. Followed by new song and great encore choice of “Spacewoman”, and a huge closer of the night of “Saints” from ‘Last Splash’.

It’s hard to predict the future of a band like The Breeders, but the best thing to do is love and appreciate them while they are present and with us and willing to tour and make new music. It will do your soul some good to dig into their phenomenal new album and perhaps catch them if they come to a town near you!